HKKG Blizzard (New Zealand Registered) greets our new herd sire BKK Denali (New Zealand Registered).  We are excited to welcome Denali to our herd.  He comes from RDH Sequoia (Bohannon Kentucky Kikos).  Denali turned 1 on April 4, 2020.  He is long and tall with a big frame.  Denali's bloodlines include RDH Indian Outlaw; ECR Roho Grande; ECR Rusty; HFK Sonny Boy; Goldmine's Blockbuster.  Denali's birth weight: 11 lbs.; 90-day weight: 52.8 lbs.; 9 month weight; 121 lbs.  

Right is Ash. He went to his new home in the fall at McGuire Family Farms

Left is Winter Warrior will be going to a new home this week!  He is related to too may ladies here.  We are shopping for a new herd sire.

Pictured Left are 2 new additions to our herd.  We purchased this New Zealand Kiko doe, Blizzard- 7 yrs old, from Bohannon Kentucky Kikos fall 2019.  She came bred to their sire Sequoia, a son of Indian Outlaw.  She had this beautiful doeling on 12/20/2019.  She weighed in at 8 pounds and is very active and growing quickly.  Both will be staying with our herd.

The doeling pictured right was born at the end of September.  Her brother was sold at 8 weeks old for a herd sire.  At 12 weeks old she weighed in at 50 lbs.  Her sire is BFI Ash, a Purebred Kiko.  Her mother is a percentage Kiko, but was not registered so the doeling will be registered as a 50% Kiko.   

Left is Roanie.  She a 75% Kiko and is a daughter of Zink as well.  Her grandfather was 62.  She had her second kidding this year and had triplets again.  She is a wonderful mother and always cares for

all 3.  

2018 Kidding

BFI Molly a Purebred Kiko is pictured left with her newborn buck.  She gave birth to twins-1 buck and 1 doe on 01/27/2019.  She delivered and fed twins her first time with no issues.  

KSA Champagne (Purebred Kiko buck) was sold as a herd sire.  Her doeling was sold as well.

Sire: BFI Ash

KSA Roana, Pictured left is a 75% Kiko.  She is pictured with her triplets born 12/30/2018.  She delivered and raised 2 doe kids and 1 buck kid with no issues.  The buck was sold at 8 weeks old and the 2 does (pictured below at approximately 6 weeks old) were sold at 12 weeks old.   

Pictured is 1 of 2 bucks born to KSA Ivory (50% Kiko doe).  He was a fast growing very well built percentage that went to a herd in Indiana as their new sire.  His brother was red, built well and grew quickly.  He too went to a herd in Indiana as the new sire.  

Born:  01/22/2019

Dam: KSA RED (50% Kiko; Percentage Boer)

Sire: BFI Ash


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