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                                                            Welcome to Swampy Acre Kikos.                                                                    We have been raising goats for                                                                        over 25 years.   We are a member                                                                    of the National Kiko Registry and                                                                    also belong to the American Kiko                                                                    Goat Association.  We began                                                                            raising a few dairy goats to clear                                                                    some land and before long our                                                                        herd grew.  We added Boer goats.                                                                    Then came 4-H projects.  We began researching Kikos due their parasite resistance and ability to gain weight without special feed.  We also found that Kikos are excellent mothers.  Our Kiko herd began with our NKR registered New Zealand buck TMK C62 in 2014 and has grown from there.  We just sold our buck of 3 years, BFI Ash.  He was a son of 62.  Their bloodlines include GH Apache Loverboy; Sunboy 117 Loverboy (top and bottom) ; Betula Hill Moneymaker; Tay Onyx; Coo Iron Horse; Mr. Speckles.   We breed for high quality characteristics of Kikos.  We continue to improve our herd for parasite resistance, easy birthing, good mothering and ability to raise multiple babies without having to bottle feed any.   In April 2020 we added Denali, his sire is Sequoia and his grand sire is Indian Outlaw.  He has proven to be a beneficial addition to our herd.  He has added size, color, muscle, parasite resistance to our kids and virility noticeable in our very young bucklings.  He weighs in at nearly 300 pounds, but has a wonderful temperament.  He is gentle with the does. We continue to be selective with a goal to improve our herd and the Kiko breed.   

Denali - 2019

Swamp Acre Kikos


Sequoia - 2013

Photo - Bohannon Kentucky \Kikos

Heading 5
Indian Outlaw June 2016.jpg

Indiana Outlaw -June 2016-

 Photo - Dean Hill Kikos

42279_2 (1).jpeg

Blue's Money Maker - 2022

We are proud to share one of Denali's progeny KSA Blue's Money Maker purchased by Rodney and Carter Sickels.  Blue's Money Maker was born in January of 2022 and reached 140 lbs. by 1 year old and is busy si.ring his own heard
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