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We had 29 kids between Jan. 29 and the first week of February.
We have 3 New Zealand Bucks left; 1 New Zealand Doe; 1 Purebred Doe;
2 Purebred Bucks and  1 Percentage Buck remaining for sale.
More pics to come!
1 year old NKR Purebred from Denali for sale. Please see pics below.
If you are looking for something specific give us a call. We can send pics and prices 317-385-1962 

2023 Kids




$700- New Zealand Buckling born Jan 29, 2023.  He is a twin and weighed 9.5 lbs. at birth. His current weight is 38lbs and his rate of gain is .695 pounds a day. His dam is NKR registered RAI Gracie, and sire is BKK Denali.  Gracie's kidded unassisted.

$750-New Zealand Doeling born on Feb 7, 2023.  She is a triplet who weighed 7 lbs. at birth.  She is growing great. Her dam is EHW Sugar Belle, and sire is BKK Denali.  Sugar Belle had triplets unassisted 3 years in a row and raised all on mom's milk.


$700-New Zealand Kiko Buckling born on Feb 9, 2023.

He has a big frame is fast growing, thick, long and has brown ticks across his back.  His sire is BKK Denali and his dam is Rabbit.


$600-Purebred Kiko Buckling born Feb. 5, 2023. He was 7 lbs at birth and keeps growing.  He is wide thick and heavy.  I will be adding his rate of gain soon. His sister weighed 6.  This was a colorful bunch.  The dam is Pilgrim pictured right with his sister who is sold.  His sire is Denali.  

Pilgrim is an easy keeper.  She has a great udder with good attachment and lots of milk, a trait we are trying to breed for.




Pilgrim- Purebred delivered triplets (L) 1/11/2022

Abednego is the Jan 2021 buck of 

Nehemiah.  At 1 he weighs 122.2 lbs


I am posting this for a friend.

This is Denali's Hammer.  He is looking for a new herd to build.  He was born on Jan 11, 2022.

His sire is our Denali and Dam is our Pilgrim.

HIs birth weight was 8.5 lbs.

She is not able to get his current weight, but he is a hefty guy!

He is throwing large, fast growing kids and is registered with the NKR as a Purebred. 

For inquiries and more information please call

253-569-1655 (Illinois)



We came home to 2 beautiful little bucks delivered by this first time mom who is thick and shown good parasite resistance, solid confirmation.  The kids were up dry and fed when we found them.  You have to love Kiko moms for that!  Denali is the sire.  f We also do not have to trim parent's feet. The dam is 75% and comes from Ohio. Genetics for sire and dam are below.  Since these bucks will only be 88%, we are selling them as commercial bucks at $300 each.  They should add a solid frame with good muscle ratio.  More pics and weights to come.  In keeping with our western theme, the doe's name is Little Blackie from True Grit.

2022 Kids


8.5 lbs  Sold

Doe-Purebred 7.5lbs


IMG_20220114_204433269_2 (1).jpg
IMG_20220115_100818068 (2).jpg

SOLD-(R)The sire of the buckling pictured  (right) is our New Zealand buck Denali (Son of BKK Sequoia and grandson of RDH Indian Outlaw).  The dam is our registered purebred doe Nehemiah whose genetics include CGI Ringo and LRF Pango Hua.  These 2 have repeatedly created thick kids with great weight gains and parasite resistance.  Abednego Pictured far right is a full brother from last yr.




The pic (right) is Abednego at 1 yr.  He weighed in at 122lbs at 1 year old.  He was born on 01/14/2021 to Nehemiah and Denali. Rate of gain 

Pic courtesy of LLL Home Sweet Homestead  


Sugar-New Zealand Kiko Doe-

Delivered Triplets


Reserved-  NZ Kiko Buckling-light tan w/white markings, (R) is top view of buck


Sugar's triplets are sold


Delivered 2 bucks on 01/14/2022

New Zealand, Sequoia's Indian Maiden (L) delivered the New Zealand doeling (R) on 1/9/2022.    The sire is Denali (New Zealand) grandson of Indian Outlaw.  The dam is a thick large frame hardy doe.  She is a gentle soul and a great mother! She weighed 6.5 lbs.
21075_2 (1).jpeg

Doe-New Zealand

Reserved w/ Deposit

Nehemiah- Purebred delivered twins (R) 1/13/2022


Buck-Purebred 8 lbs



Above is a pic of the buckling pictured below at the age of 1 yr old on Jan 14, 2022.  At 1 yr old he weighed in at 122.2 lbs.  This pic is courtesy of the family that purchased him.

IMG_20210206_143852658_MP_2 (1).jpg

Buck-Purebred 7.25bs


IMG_20220114_203716120_2 (1).jpg


Delivered triplets (R) on 01/12/2022


Doe-Percentage-7.5 lbs

Reserved w/ deposit.

Buck-Percentage-8.5 llbs.



Black Doe-Percentage-8.5 lbs.  Reserved w/deposit


Buck-New Zealand-8lbs



Buck-New Zealand-8lbs

Reserved w/ Deposit

IMG_20220120_131842960 (1).jpg

Rabbit- New Zealand

Delivered twin bucks on 01/11/2022

IMG_20220115_094617350_2 (2).jpg

2021 Babies


Sold-These 2 New Zealand doelings were born in April 2021 


SOLD before weaning- New Zealand buckling pictured at 1 day old.  His sire is Denali, grandson of Indian Outlaw.  His dam is Sweet Pea pictured to the left.  She is a young first time mother.  She is a great mother and delivered him unassisted.


SOLD-This sleek black doe was born January 14th as a twin and weighed 7.5 lbs.  Her dam Goldie is a purebred Kiko, but is not registered.  The doeling can be registered as 50%.  Her sire is Denali.  Goldie (pictured right) kidded her first time with us and had no issues. This doe is long and thick.

SOLD -This pic does not do this beautiful New Zealand doe justice. She was born on January 17 as a triplet.  Her birth weight was 7.5 lbs.  She is thick and wide. Her dam, Sugar (pictured rigth), is sister to our previous buck warrior and her sire is Denali.  She comes from large fast growing bloodlines on both sides.  She has a black V on the back of her head and a stripe down her back.  She is a triplet and weighed 7.5 lbs.  She can be registered NKR.  Sugar is an easy keeper and delivers with no issues.  She is feeding all three kids.  Her sister has been already been reserved. 

IMG_20210127_084244781 (1).jpg

SOLD-This pretty little lady was born January 12th as a twin and weighed 7 lbs. Her mother is a percentage Kiko and the doeling can be registered as a 50%. Her sire is Denali and her mother is pictured right.

SOLD-This buckling is twin to the doe on the left.  He weiged 8 lbs at birth.  He is a percentage Kiko, but has would make a great commercial herd buck.  He possesses Denali's genetics and his mother is a long and thick. She is a wonderful protective mother and had no issues birthing.  


SOLD-Pictured left, this little New Zealand buck was born on September 13, 2020.  He is 2 weeks old in this pic.  he weighed 8 pounds at birth.  His dam is Renee (New Zealand Doe) and Denali (New Zealand Buck).  He is thick and large framed with light tan spots on his sides and back and has tan stockings.  He can be registered.

SOLD-Reserved! This colorful purebred buck weighed in at 9 lbs.  He will be going to Bloomfield to start his own herd.  


SOLD-  Born October 2021.  This little New Zealand doe is from Blizzard and Denali.

She is wide and thick.  She weighed 7.5 at birth.  She has a beautiful face and has a gray across the back of her head and a stripe down her back. She can be registered as New Zealand.


Sold-Beautiful NKR registerable purebred doe born December 31, 2019 as a triplet.  Her dam is 100% New Zealand Kiko.  Her Sire is BFI Ash.  She is a well built, fast growing and has a sweet disposition.  She has red legs and red on her head.  

Renee's buck.jpg

Purebred Kiko Buckling: $300  Sold

Large frame, thick, muscular, fast growing.

Dam is New Zealand NKR registered.  Sire is a very colorful NKR registered purebred.  Bloodlines include: Apache Loverboy; Sunboy 117 Loverboy (top and bottom) ; Betula Hill Moneymaker; Tay Onyx; Coo Iron Horse; Mr. Speckles.    

IMG_20200510_095404279 (1).jpg

Sold-Nehemiah (Purebred Doe) gave birth to 2 Purebred thick fast growing bucks on April 9, 2020.  These bucks will be for sale upon weening for $300 each.  Nehemiah is a hardy goat that is thick and parasite resistant.  She gave birth unassisted and is a great mother.  Their sire is Winter Warrior (NKR New Zealand).  Warrior's bloodlines include TMK Bouncer; GHK Apache Loverboy; SPK Sunboy 117; BTH Betula Hill Moneymaker; Coo Iron Horse; Tay Onyx; Sunboy Waco; MGR Titan's Hammer.  Warrior gained .47 pounds a day


Sold-Bella (Unregistered Kiko) gave birth to twin does.  Her girls are tall and long and fast growing.  The doe pictured in front of Bella is for sale ($300) and has a lot of red hair coming in.  The doeling can be registered as a 50% Kiko.  Her sire is Winter Warrior (NKR registered New Zealand).  Warrior's bloodlines include TMK Bouncer; GHK Apache Loverboy; SPK Sunboy 117; BTH Betula Hill Moneymaker; Coo Iron Horse; Tay Onyx; Sunboy Waco; MGR Titan's Hammer.  Warrior gained .47 pounds a day


75% Kiko doeling. Sold.

Born Jan 5, 2020

Born a triplet with 2 brothers which are sold.   Teats are correct.

Dam is 50% Kiko and father is Kiko Purebread BFI Ash. Both are NKR registered.  The dam is an easy keeper and is black.  Ash Bloodlines include: Apache Loverboy; Sunboy 117 Loverboy (top and bottom) ; Betula Hill Moneymaker; Tay Onyx; Coo Iron Horse; Mr. Speckles. 

Roanie's red girl.jpg

88% Doe: $300  Sold

Thick, muscular, fast growing. 

Dam is 75% Kiko and father is Kiko Purebread BFI Ash. Both are NKR registered.  This is the dam's second breeding, and she has delivered and cared for triplets both times with no help.   Bloodlines include: Apache Loverboy; Sunboy 117 Loverboy (top and bottom) ; Betula Hill Moneymaker; Tay Onyx; Coo Iron Horse; Mr. Speckles. 

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